Masker Orchards, the best family apple picking in the Hudson Valley, located in beautiful Warwick, NYMasker Orchards, 45 Ball Road, Warwick, NY  (845) 986-1058  
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Pick Your Own Apples at Masker Orchards

Maskers is officially closed.

We wish to thank you for visiting us this year and we look forward to your seeing you again in 2019.

During the winter, while the trees are resting, we will be busy pruning and fertilizing them and getting them ready to grow next year's crop of apples. The winter and Spring are a busy time for us here at Maskers.

Our target opening day for picking apples in 2019 is August 31st. Our first picking will be Prime Reds and Macintosh. Followed by 12 other varieties of apples, as the new season progresses.

You can consult our picking chart to see when your favorite apples will be ready. We, here at Maskers, look forward to your next visit to our orchard.

See you in 2019.

For more than 100 years, Masker Orchards has offered the best family apple picking in the Hudson Valley region, just a short drive from points throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

At Masker Orchards, you can drive right to the tree with your family and all of your picnic gear for an idyllic day in the country. Wander through our 200 acre orchard, breathing the crisp fall air while enjoying quality time with family and friends. The views of the entire valley are breath taking, especially amidst the warm glow of the areas notoriously spectacular fall foliage. For the kids, there are barnyard baby animals, pony rides and wagon rides. Masker is more than a pick-it yourself apple orchard; it is a family tradition, and an experience that your family will remember for a lifetime. Return to nature this autumn. Come to Masker Orchards. The apple season runs through early November.

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Bring the family for a fun-filled day at the orchard. 

Masker Orchards Highlight as one of New York's Best Orchards!

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