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Upon Your Visit

Thank you for visiting Masker Orchards!

The following are the most frequently asked questions and facts you should know upon your visit.

Where can we learn the most up to date information on apple ripening and most anything else?
Maskers has its own broadcast station. Tune your car radio to FM 87.9 for the most updated apple picking information.

You can also call our farm office at (845) 986-1058.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes. You may use your credit cards, cash or checks for purchases in our country store and for apple and cider purchases at the exit. For all other purchases we take cash or checks.

Do you have ATM machines here on the farm?
Yes. They are located in the Family Fun Area, near the red barns.

Where are the bathrooms?
The men's and ladies rooms are located in the Family Fun Area, in the red barn closest to the Snack Barn. They are well marked.

How do I find the different varieties of apples in the orchard?
Upon entering Maskers, you will receive a pickin’ bag on which is the map of the Orchard, with varieties identified in areas around our farm. Most lanes are marked with the variety of apples as well.

Where do I pay for the apples we pick?

You pay as you exit. Just leave your picked apples in your car and when you are ready to leave, proceed toward the exit. The checkers will check your vehicle and give you a check-out slip for payment to a cashier, much like a waitress would do in a restaurant. You never have to leave your car.

You can also pick up a jug or two of our legendary, freshly squeezed apple cider at the exit. Just ask the checker to add your request to your check-out slip. We are keeping it cold for you to take home.

Do you have other attractions? Where are they located?
Yes. We have a family friendly haunted house, face painting, our Apple Maze, music (most week-ends) with free performances at 2PM and 4PM and a pumpkin patch starting Sept. 13th thru Halloween.
All of these attractions are located in the Family Fun Area, near the red barns.

Do you have any food for purchase? Where is it located?
Yes. At our Snack Barn we offer pizza, (hot dogs are available at our Sabretts hot dog stand near the Snack Barn) ice cream, hot and cold beverages, farm fresh cider, freshly made apple cider donuts and of course, our freshly baked apple pie .

Mmmm good.

The Snack Barn is located in the Family Fun Area near the red barns.

Do you have a country store? What do you sell there? Where is it located?
Yes. In our country store you will find Jams, Jellies, local honey, local maple syrup, souvenirs, and many other interesting apple related products. You may also purchase one or more of our freshly baked apple pies there too.

Our country store is located in the Family Fun Area near the red barns.

Do you have a lost and found? Where is it located?
Yes. The lost and found is located in our farm office. Our farm office is located in the Family Fun Area in the red barn next to the country store. If you wish to reach our farm office by phone, call them at (845) 986-1058.

If I am anywhere in the orchard and I am in need of help, who do I call?
Call our farm office at (845) 986-1058. We have a team of people ready to assist you in the event of any emergency.

Thanks again for visiting us here at Masker's Orchard.
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