Masker Orchards - the best family apple picking in the Hudson Valley, located in beautiful Warwick, NYMasker Orchards, 45 Ball Road, Warwick, NY  (845) 986-1058  
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Group trips to Masker Orchards
Meet your group at Masker Orchards. Schedule a family reunion, celebrate a special occasion, organize an office outing, or have a tailgate party! Bring folding chairs or a blanket, pack a picnic lunch and meet with family and friends. Tailgate, or spread out on the soft grassy floor of our orchard. There's no better gathering place than Masker's Orchard. There are large fields in which to park, picnic and to be together. There is no parking or admission charge, and the apples eaten on the farm are free. Visitors only pay for the apples they take home. If you let us know ahead of time that your group is coming, we can direct your group to a particular parking area in which to meet. Bring your group and share an experience that you'll all love, young and old alike. And remember, because Masker is a large pick-your-own apple orchard with the convenience of parking and picking under the tree of your choice, there is no need to lug heavy gear over long distances! For more information, please call us at (845) 986-1058.

have your family reunion at Masker Orchards - call (845) 986-1058 for information
Have your family reunion at Masker Orchards - call (845) 986-1058

have your family reunion at Masker Orchards - call (845) 986-1058 for information
A Family Reunion Tradition at Masker Orchards

The 28th year of the Rodrigues family reunion at Masker Orchards


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